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Hello, my name is Maxim Alekhin, the network better known as «Hmjim».
I am developing web applications of any complexity. The main mission of this site to reveal me as a specialist for a potential customer.
I positioned itself as a front-end developer .
  • Design of the site or application (collection and analysis of requirements, development of technical specifications (specifications), the concept, prototyping interface)
  • Creating a design page layouts
  • Create interactive elements
  • layout pages
  • Programming (development of functional tools), or integration into the content management system (CMS)
  • Optimization and placement of website
  • Testing and making adjustments
  • The opening of the project on the public site (runtime environment)
  • Service operating site (optional) Depending on the task at any stage may be absent, or be closely related to one another.
The conclusion that I have been creating turnkey website with all related services. I also run my blog which describes the problem in the development of their solutions, I hope this helps someone in the decision of working moments. 
Thanks for your attention!